DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener Review

Using knives is a common thing in our daily life. Else, if your job is knife related cutting or chopping then no one knows the importance of sharpening better than you. Today, we will help you to get the solid review for DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener.

Well, you know knives work finer when it is sharpened finely. There is a myth that sharper blades often tend to cause incidents like making you injured in the hands or other parts of the body.

However, the fact is dull blades create incorrect posture while cutting and occurs an accident.

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DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener, Credit Card Sized- Extra-Fine, Fine and Coarse Diamond -Set of 3

DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener Features

If you want to sharp knives, swords, axes, shovels, etc with the one sharpener then DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia sharpener is the ideal one for you.

Let’s see what features our expert has picked to let you know.

  • The size is pocket-friendly.
  • Three diamond stones for different sharpening.
  • DMT’s micronized monocrystalline diamond surface sharpens faster.
  • There is no need of using any lubricant.
  • Durability will expand up to years and years.

Technical Details For DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharpener

When you’re about to buy this sharpener, you can check out our technical details chart.  Our experts have specially reviewed the sharpener for those who are interested to buy.

Product Dimension 3.2 x 0.1 x 2 inches
Item Weight 0.32 ounces
Size 3 inch
Lubricant No use of oil or water
Set Set of 3

Examining The features of DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener

Do you throw your knife, ax, or sword when sharp goes away? Probably it’s a big ‘Yes’ and it will definitely cost you money to buy the new one. So, it’s a better move to spend a little money to buy the sharpener and save those extra bucks that you were going to spend on buying new knives. Actually, it’s not the spending, it’s the investment.

Before you do the investment, make sure you have all the details about its features.

Easy Process

Did you ever think to sharpen without pressure? You can sharpen your knives without using any force or pressure. The process is so easier, for example, you have to hold the stones in your hand against the knives. The weight of the knife is enough to sharpen the knife.


Hence you don’t have to use any pressure, so there is hardly any risk of getting cut by it. You can wear leather gloves in your hand if you want.

No Use Of Lubricant

Most of the sharpener requires oil or water to sharpen evenly. However, this model of sharpening tool doesn’t entail any use of extra water or oil.

Easy To Carry

The 3 stones are pocket-sized and similar to your credit card in shape. You can carry them anywhere with you and use any time when necessary.


A diamond impregnated stone made of stainless steel can sharp any kind of heavy metal. It will take little time to sharpen and the durability of stones will be longer.

What We Like

  • It’s a flexible sharpener.
  • Can run for many years.
  • You can carry or move it with you easily for the pocket-sized convenience.
  • The manufacturing service is reliable.
  • Sharpening process doesn’t require any additional lubricant like oil or water.
  • 3 different diamond stones make possible polishing and refining an edge, suitable for a razor sharp edge, and boorish to transform a dull edge.

What We Didn’t

  • It’s a little heavy to carry in the pocket.
  • The size is comparatively small if you want to sharpen a bigger knife.

DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener, Credit Card Sized- Extra-Fine, Fine and Coarse Diamond -Set of 3

What Do Others Say?

The DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener is an ideal weapon for you of you has to frequently use knives for professional or personal work. People who have used it are recommending it to their friends and gifting to their dear ones.

The Last Words

Getting your job done with a sharp knife doesn’t only provide you with tremendous work; it also offers you the safety. Try to get the necessary edge on your knives while you’re sharpening. DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp sharpener will make your sharpening task easier than ever. We know that we are not good at keeping the knife sharper for longer.

They will become dull for sure.


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